三合一 - three in one systems

// Research and Analysis
// Exhibition Design



2015 was a busy year for NUS with many exhibitions marking the SG50 celebration.  NUS Architecture School came to us with the requirement to conceptualise a system that allowed it to be utilised in different functions and cater for different exhibitions. 

Research Summary, Analysis and Proposed Framework
We researched into the type of exhibitions that the structures were intended for, which led us to the confirmation in type of exhibits to cater for: panels & Objects.  Another understanding that we had to cater for was the flexibility to create branding for other forms.

The decided direction was to utilise a modular flatpacked system that was flexible to accommodate the two types of display identified.  An A frame structure was developed with a locking mechanism that allowed the structure to be utilised as a table when laid horizontally.  The bare faces of the A frame allowed for decals and canvases to be applied.  The simple hinge mechanism allowed for the structure to be taken apart for new canvas to be applied for subsequent exhibitions. 

Method of Assembly

PLUS Branding Collateral
NUS Vertical Cities Asia 2012 - 2015
SingaPlural 2015