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Table-Case is a cardboard exhibition structure created on the premise of material efficiency and transportation convenience. These exhibition structures were originally created for SingaPlural 2016 recognition showcase and were subsequently used for other events. The requirements of the showcase needed the structures to be flexible for the possibility of displaying at different heights and weights.

Research Summary, Analysis and Proposed Framework
The cardboard structures were designed in close consultation with the cardboard manufacturer, Tri-wall. A collaborative approach was taken and the design went through rigorous material, joint and assembly testing together with the manufacturer. Through in-depth understanding of the manufacturer’s expertise and exclusive material, Tri-wall, the design was founded on material properties such as strength, machining possibilities and limitation on material dimensions.

To achieve material efficiency, each design was created from a single sheet of Tri-wall Cardboard. The single sheet was folded into a form to maximize the strength potential of the material, enabling the table to take the load of up to 100 kg. The form was locked in place without any use of glue. Considering the flexibility of use, the legs of the tables were designed to be detachable. 3 lengths were provided for a 650mm height table, a 900mm height table and a 1500 standing panel surface (utilizing the table surface as a base). For ease of storage and portability, the table surface was designed with an openable flap to store the legs when not in use. The table also features a handle for easy carrying.

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