SingaPlural - Project X
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Flagship Programme
Project X is created for SingaPlural from the 4th edition in 2015. It was created in response to a need for a flagship programme for SFIC as they represent a large number of manufacturers in Singapore. Project X centres on a manufacturer/ brand that represents a particular material and partners a number of designers and artists from different fields to challenge the materials to push the extents of possibilities. It serves as an alternate form of research and development (R&D) project for these manufacturers to investigate possibilities with their material. Understanding their membership profile led us to creating Project X, a programme to be seen to marry both the objectives of the festival and objectives of their member manufacturers.

In SingaPlural 2014, the brand on board is Lamitak who was partnered with Tiffany Loy [Product Designer], In Merry Motion [Celebration Design Studio], Miun [Artist], and WYNK Collaborative [Space Design Studio]. 

Project X was created as a mutually benefiting programme between designers and manufacturers where the former have access to the manufacturer materials, expertise and production capabilities while the latter, will be able to tap on think ideas and creativitity of the designers to derive new possibilities. Project X can also be seen as a marketing, publicity and R&D platform for manufacturers, and an alternate way to create new products.

Material Participation Lamitak
Meeting with Manufacturer Lamitak and the Designers
Videography Direction for video coverage of ProjectX featuring Wynk Collaborative
Design Tiffany Loy with Mr Tan from Lamitak
Artist Noreen's Process shots
Designers In Merry Motion's Process shots
Designers In Merry Motion's Process shots
Designers In Merry Motion's Process shots
Artist Noreen's Process shots
Artist Noreen mingling with Media at her installation
Designers Wynk Collaborative
Designers Wynk Collaborative
Designers In Merry Motion
Artist Noreen
Designer Tiffany

PLUS Branding Collateral
NUS Vertical Cities Asia 2012 - 2015
SingaPlural 2015