SingaPlural 2015

Process: It All Begins with a Dot

// Research and Analysis
// Festival Direction/ Curation
// Programme Creation
// Design of Collaterals
// Social Media
// Photography/ Videography Direction

SingaPlural 2015 is the 4th edition of the festival organized by Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC), anchor event of the Singapore Design Week. After the third edition in 2014, SFIC felt that they have hit milestones and decided it was time to bring in an external curator from the design community that will be able to bring them into the next framework of SingaPlural.

Research Summary, Analysis and Proposed Framework
Our research ended in the conclusion that SFIC’s capabilities in manufacturing is a unique aspect that can be built upon to create a design community event, at the same time, understanding the market landscape of design, manufacturing and retail allowed us to conceptualise a festival structure specific to SFIC’s capabilities, member’s interests and objectives.

The approach consisted of a five year incremental plan to position SingaPlural as a valuable platform to designers and manufacturers, a more expressive alternative to tradeshows in the showcase of the design industry with the capabilities of tapping into a business to business and business to consumer platform.

PLUS undertook the role of curators in collaboration with our partners GOVT, an Advertising Agency. We approached the festival with two distinctive starting points; the first, to understand context and to tighten content through structure, programme and people and the latter to capture the public’s interest.

6 festival pillars to be used from SingaPlural 2015 onwards were conceptualised from our research. These 6 pillars were specific different levels of involvements, and varying intensity of engagement. To tie the conversation tighter, we developed their very first theme of “Process”. With this theme, we aimed to create a more approachable and relatable SingaPlural for the masses –allowing them to immerse themselves in the design in its most basic form and follow the train of thought in design. Lastly, we revised the SFIC team’s approach to the festival and consolidated their capabilities into a single iconic location at 99 Beach Road.

Site for SingaPlural 2015
Site for SingaPlural 2015
Site for SingaPlural 2015
Installation at the courtyard of 99 Beach Road
Designer Tiffany with her Process shot
Festival Director Mervin leading the media walk-about
Installation piece of Rodney from Little Thoughts Group
Japan Missions Trip's Installation
Ezzam Performing @ SingaPlural 2015
Khew and Cornelius's Installation
Olivia's Installation @ SingaPlural 2015
Chan Wai Lim's installation @ SingaPlural 2015
Rodney's Installation @ SingaPlural 2015
Sharing Session with the President's Designers of the Year 2015 @ SingaPlural 2015
Nathan and Hunn Wai's Sharing Session
Lee Chi-Wing's Sharing Session
Recognition Room of Displays
Recognition Room of Displays
AirBnB's Installation @ SingaPlural 2015
Band of Doodlers' Installation @ SingaPlural 2015
Coast Cycles' Installation @ SingaPlural 2015
Tour Segment to Polystone @ SingaPlural 2015
Tour Segment to Noden @ SingaPlural 2015
Workshop Segment with MakeYourOwn @ SingaPlural 2015
Tour Segment to Bynd Artisan @ SingaPlural 2015
Tour Segment to Bynd Artisan @ SingaPlural 2015
Participation from audiences @ SingaPlural 2015
VIPs walkabout with Chairman and Curator
Opening Event
Opening Event
Research Analysis
Concept Diagram
Concept Diagram
Concept Diagram
Festival Pillar

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