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PLUS Collaboratives’ scope of works revolves around an evidential based approach that is derived from their architectural and industrial design background.  They emphasise on creating design that is self-sustaining and able to value add onto businesses.  PLUS wanted their visual identity to be a physical manifestation of their design principles- no fluff, heavily grounded in design research and placed emphasis on simplicity, versatility and clarity. 

Research Summary, Analysis and Proposed Framework
Using their backgrounds and philosophy for their design thinking studio as a starting point, elements were drawn from their course of study.  Visual studies include architectural submission drawings where the readability of the drawing was created through varying thickness of lines to create viewing hierarchy. 

An analysis of the studio’s styles, approaches, applications, and needs drew out the importance of hierarchy as a method to organise and structure an understanding for their audience.  More often than not, their approach is to declutter and put forefront the essence to encourage connections.

The notion of structure and hierarchy is embedded in methods of layout, line weights and font choices to add a layer of intuition in readability.  The use of line weights in fonts, line breaks and graphics is reminiscent of architectural drawings to create hierarchy in readability through line weights. 

Geometries and straight clean lines with clarity in proportions and structure are emphasised in the minimalistic approach for simplicity and clarity.  The ‘positive’ colour, yellow was chosen as the accent colour as a quiet complement to the versatile monotone approach.

PLUS Collateral
PLUS Collateral
PLUS Collateral
PLUS Collateral
PLUS Collateral

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