PLUS Collaboratives is a design thinking studio that prides ourselves to be content creators grounded in architecture and industrial design training.

Armed with our architecture education, we approach projects from the large picture to consider collective audiences whilst catering to the intimate scale of the individual responses supplemented by our background in industrial design. We craft design solutions structured from a keen analysis and understanding of our projects and partners, as well as our clients’ objectives and capabilities. We believe that design is a tool and the principle of an evidential based approach is adaptable to undertake different forms of design. We have engaged in art, festival curation, spatial design, exhibitions, graphics, branding and photography and are keen to expand our portfolio of works in more avenues.


Research and background study anchors the design process, knowing the client, audience and context of operation is key to the outcome.

Research and<br>Feasibility Study
Research and
Feasibility Study
Our process involves understanding the project’s history, brief, and objectives to structure and piece together evidence that becomes the core backbone of our eventual design proposal. As part of the feasibility studies, we go through the process of understanding our client’s capabilities, company philosophies, working methods, target audiences, and many other factors can inform us of their capacity and derive a structure of implementing design to best benefit them.
Structure for Business<br>and Sustainability
Structure for Business
and Sustainability
Based on the research and studies, a customised design plan will be created for our clients, tailored to their objectives and value add onto their businesses. By measuring the existing working mechanisms of the company against their objectives, identify to them the way to utilize the design solution to their continual benefit for self-sustainability after implementation.
Design for Audience
Design for Audience
Studies are done on the target audience to inform the design and encourage receptivity of the audience and connection between client and audience. Examples include trend, age group, needs, and expectations amongst other studies. The decided design will adhere to the design plan and will be matched against our in-house capabilities to provide curation, branding, content creation, collateral, spatial and exhibition design. Concurrently, we bring in collaborators/ partners for external skill sets to further enhance the design, for example, videography, social media, and public relations.
Monitor and Deliver
Monitor and Deliver
We take on a hands on approach as the integrity of the design plan lies in the details so the plan can achieve the fullest potential drawn from the information. Besides working on the large scale of deriving structure and design, we enjoy the minute details of implementation, from working with the contractor, to managing other stake holders and planning schedules, as the details are key to the extent of sensibility.