ArchiFest 2014


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In its eighth year running, Archifest 2014 is a two-week long festival from 26 September 2014 to 11 October 2014, organised by the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA). SIA decided that the eighth edition was timely for them to put across a more humanistic approach to Architecture especially with a new festival site at Marina Bay Sands for 2014. They approached us to undertake the role of the curators and producers for the festival with the notion to reach out to wider range of audience, with the objective to initiate the conversation about architecture with people who has little or no contact.

Research Summary, Analysis and Proposed Framework
We identified 3 targets of approach to address the different audiences: architectural professionals, architecture/ design students and interested public.
Amongst the three, their penchant towards architecture is vastly different and instead of creating different programmes targeted at the different approaches in isolation, we felt that the variance created an opportunity to create programmes that interlink between the three groups. We concluded that the crux of the festival was to create a programme in union to create a co-benefit scenario between the groups.

A model was created to intertwine program relevance for the three target audiences, for example, students would be able to offer the public an entry level understanding through architecture models, drawings, etc. whereas experts could offer students a chance to learn deeper concepts in architecture and experts could engage in lifestyle workshops that public is interested in. The understanding of architecture was transformed from one that was linear to one that was a close loop.

To allow that to happen, we adopted the people centric theme of CROWD where we brought in entry level programmes such as home farming, lamp making, etc., curated a student architectural model exhibition by reaching out and teaming up with 6 schools, brought in a mix of established upcoming architects and experts who deal with public spaces to share their perspectives amongst a host of other programmes.

View of Archifest Pavilion
View of Archifest Pavilion
Keynote Speaker Mr Tan Cheng Siong explaining his exhibit to Minister Mr Lee Yi Shyan
Mr Huang Sheng-Yuan from Field Architects @ Archifest Conference
SA Sessions @ Archifest Pavilion
Pecha Kucha @ Archifest Pavilion
Billion Bricks @ Archifest Pavilion
Retailer Naiise @ Archifest Pavilion
The Wholesome Co's workshop @ Archifest Pavilion
MakeYourOwn's workshop @ Archifest Pavilion
Urban Lab Exhibition @ Archifest Pavilion

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